These are professional lawyers that can help you with your transactions. The companies below are not endorsed by us. 
Please conduct your own due diligence before selecting the professional that will fit your needs. 
Lubos K. Pesta, Q.C.
Walsh LLP
Address: 2800, 801 - 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB   T2P 4A3
Phone: (403) 267-8432
Fax: (403) 264-9400
Charles Hotzel
Charles Hotzel & Associates
#520,1110 Centre Street North Calgary, Alberta T2E 2R2
(403) 270-0660 Ext: 21
fax: (403) 270-4098
(Assistant: Shauna McIlmoyle)
Bill LeClair
LeClair Thibeault Barristers and Solicitors
Address: 106, 2411 - 4th Street NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2M 2Z8
Phone: (403) 245-3500
Jeffrey V. Kahane B.Z. B.Ed., LL.B
Kahane Law
Address: 7309 Flint Rd. S.E., Calgary, AB T2H 1G3
Phone: 403-225-5888
Fax:  (403) 225-8289
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