Home Inspectors

These are professionals that can help you with your home inspection. The companies below are not endorsed by us. Please conduct your own due diligence before selecting the professional or advisor that will fit your needs. 


Guy Brunel 
Inspection 101
Phone: (403) 826-4380
Tate Mackenzie & RobFaschel
Pro-Spec Home Inspections Inc
Phone: (403) 681-9044
Derek Gareau
Buyers Choice Inspections
Phone: (587) 999-3113
Jason Chow
JCHI Home Inspection
Phone: (403) 606-4546 
Email address: jchihome@gmail.com
Website: www.jchi.ca
Gary Lafortune
Fortunate Home Inspections
Phone: (403) 921-9365
Email address: fortunatehome@gmail.com