How to get the original house plans for a house you own or are purchasing

Posted by Eric Drinkwater on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 12:28pm.

Are you considering doing some remodeling of your home? Unsure how to start planning? A great starting point is to obtain the original building plan of your home.

Renovations can be expensive. But having the original plan of your home is priceless and can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Here are a few of the benefits:

  •        Time savings – no need to spend hours tediously taking your own measurements!
  •        Having these detailed plans makes it a lot easier to apply for renovation permits and obtain quotes from contractors.
  •        The plans will tell you which walls are structural and which ones you can safely/easily remove.
  •        They will allow you to see through the drywall! You will know where all of the electrical and plumbing components are, to help with planning and in case something goes wrong.

Let me walk you through the steps to obtaining your house plans: 

Step #1 - Contact the Property Research Department

• The helpful staff at the city will explain your options and the type of information you can get on your future or current property. You can do this step even without owning the property yet.
• Over the Phone at 311
• In Person at Planning Services Centre 3rd floor Municipal Building 800 Macleod Trail SE


Step #2 - Submit your research request

• For a small fee of $75, a city employee will locate all available records of your property. This can take up to 11 days. Once they locate your file, you will be contacted to come in to view the available information. You won’t be able to make copy or take photos at this stage.

Step #3 - Obtain the permission to receive the copies

There are 3 ways to obtain permission to receive the copies:

  •   Option #1 – Owner’s consent – This is easy if you own the property. If not, your agent can contact the current owners for signatures.
  •   Option #2 - Obtain the architect or the builder’s consent.
  •   Option #3 - If the architect or builder is not in business anymore, you need to obtain the record of their business closure from the registry.

Step #4 - Order your copies

• Once your request is approved, the city will either copy and print or scan the selected pages of the floor plans for you. Additional fees will apply at this stage.

Step #5 - Enjoy the benefits

• Armed with your house plans, there is nothing stopping you from taking on the dream renovation you have always wanted.

 For the detailed info about this process, download this form, or contact the city by phone at 311.

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